Animal Communication

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Animal Communication

Val qualified as an ACT2 Animal Communicator with James French in 2009. Since then, she has used it to help many horses, dogs and cats. It can help with behavioural problems, anxiety and illness and pain int he animal's body. It can also help the animal to pass over when the time comes.

More about Animal Communication:

What is Animal Communication?

It is a language of feelings. Val picks up and tunes into the feelings of the animal and then interprets what the animal may wish to convey to the owner.

How is Animal Communication done?

All the information that is required is a photograph of the animal, preferably with the eyes front, the name and age of the animal. Val will then do what she calls a First Communication. Then she will call the owner and relay what she has received. If the owner is happy that she has a good connection, then the rest of the session will go ahead. The owner can then ask questions as the communication continues.

What does it cost?

As some animals are very communicative and others are not, the sessions vary in length. The cost is £1.00 per minute. If Val is required to travel to the animal, then a mileage charge is also added.

Does the session involve healing?

Yes. Val can send distant healing to the animal or she can also visit the animal if this is required.

For enquiries about Animal Communication plese contact Val.