Crystal Therapy

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Crystal Therapy

During a session of crystal therapy, crystals may be placed on the body, around the body or under the couch. This is mostly a “hands off” therapy where healing energies are then transmitted through the crystals. This is a very relaxing treatment and balances the energy field of the Client.

What can you expect during a Crystal Therapy Session?

During the session, the client will remain fully clothed lying on a couch. Details will be taken regarding any ailments or problems either physical or emotional that the client may be experiencing. Val then "tunes in" to the client and receives information on which crystals to use. A crystal pendulum is also used to detect energy blockages in the body. The crystals are then placed on the body, around the body or under the couch. The crystals can also be used on the body or above the body to draw out pain or clear stuck energies. The experience is usually very relaxing and creates a calming effect.

What can Crystal Therapy be used for?

Different crystals have different energies and can be used for all types of conditions. They are excellent for relieving stress in all its forms and balancing the energies of the body. They can be used to energise the body and to bring calm and peace of mind. Many clients report a general feeling of well being after a crystal treatment.

To book a crystal therapy, please contact Val.