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Meditation Group in the Yurt

Meditation Group

Val runs a regular Meditation Group in the Yurt every other Thursday at 8.00pm-9.30pm.

This is a "drop in" group and all are welcome whether experienced or beginners. During the evenings, Val gives a guided meditation and also a space of stillness and silence for each person to have their own experience. Crystals are often used although this is optional and also Angel Cards for guidance. Booking is essential for the Meditation Group as space is limited.

To book your place in the Meditation Group or to be added to the email list for updates of these evenings, please contact Val directly.

You can also keep up to date with events in the Yurt by checking the Yurt Workshops and Groups Facebook page.


"I absolutely love Val's meditation groups! She manages to hold a relaxing, open and gentle space for everyone no matter what comes up. I've been attending Val's groups for many years and I swear by them as I always come away feeling clearer and energised." - Eleonora

"I've been going to Val's meditation group for quite some time.
What works for me is the gentleness and caring that I feel. I've been to quite a few other groups but never felt so looked after. I never want to miss it. She makes sure we are comfortable, the temperature is right, we have blankets, cushions if our feet don't touch the floor and water to drink.
I like the quiet atmosphere that Val creates. There is some sharing, which is minimal, as the whole point for me is to sit and be with stillness. But it's good to hear ourselves speak our names and a brief where we are.
Every time we meet the meditations are different because of where I am and what's going on, So even if my mind has been having a field day I know my body has been resting. Sometimes I am in such a lovely peaceful place its a challenge to open my eyes and come back.
Val tunes in usually to see what the group needs and her meditation flows from that. It always seems more powerful in a group than sitting at home on my own.
Music is often used and can really help soothe and uplift
We pick an Angel card at the beginning which can help focus, sometimes we also pick a crystal to hold.
At the end we often have a message from another card which we share, that's really helpful too hearing all the card's messages.
Val is very particular about closing down and she introduces it so gently its like having another mini quiet time. It is something I often forget to do after leaving a group and sometimes when I am out I remember some of Val's words.

If Val is going to do another meditation group, let me know where!"

- M Weatherall

"I have been taking part in Val's Meditation group for over ten years. Every session has a different theme using soothing music, crystals and / or Angel Cards. She leads us excellently into the meditations and guides us back, offering possible reasons for our individual experiences and allowing discussion within the group.
Val ensures we drink plenty of water and is always calm,caring and considerate towards each member of the group.
I have found an oasis from the hubbub of everyday life and take away a feeling tranquility each time I visit Val's meditation group .  I highly recommend her Meditation Sessions." - Sue Towersey